Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to drop comments on posts

Are you finding it difficult to drop a comment on topics or articles? Does your browser refreshes whenever you want to drop a Comment? Yea! You can do that easily by following up this tutorial. It is very easy and fast to comment on ZeeBlaze posts by using a supported browser like UC browser, Firefox, Web explorer, Chrome and other browsers except old version of Opera mini.

How To Drop A Comment On ZeeBlaze posts

There are many ways you can comment on ZeeBlaze posts which are;

  • Commenting Using Google: You can comment on ZeeBlaze by using your Gmail Account. You will have to create a Gmail account and then type your comment and tap SUBMIT. Very fast and easy.

  • Commenting Using Livejournal: It is also easy and simple. Just register an account on Livejournal and come to then enter your comment and SUBMIT. 

  • Commenting Using WordPress: It is very easy and simple. Just go to WordPress and create an account then enter your username url then type your comment and SUBMIT. 

  • Commenting Using Typad: It is also fast and simple. Kindly create an account on typad and come to ZeeBlaze; type your comment and enter your Typad profile username and SUBMIT.

  • Commenting Using AIM: You can comment using account by typing your AIM username to submit your comment.

  • Commenting Using OpenID: Get your account on OpenID and then come back to ZeeBlaze; enter your OpenID username and your comment then SUBMIT.

  • Commenting Using NAME/URL: You can comment easily by typing your username and then type in the URL you want your profile to go when is clicked. You can then enter your comment and SUBMIT. This is the fastest way too to comment on

  • Commenting Using ANONYMOUS: It is very fast but you will have to verify the captcha after submitting your comment. It doesn't take time. 

Note: When commenting, you can also click on "NOTIFY ME" to get your updated on any comments on the article.

As you can see, is very easy and fast to comment on So start commenting now to show that it works for you. 

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